Coach-Pitch is a new and exciting division for 2019. It is the age group between T-Ball and Jr. Rookie. This division has been introduced to help with the evolution and development of helping players hit a thrown/pitched ball. Coaches will stand 15-20 paces from home plate and will gently throw the ball (much in the way of throwing a dart at a dartboard). Each player will get 5 good pitches thrown. For the first month of the season, if a player needs the aid of a Tee after the 5 pitches, the league encourages that. After the first month, no tee will be available. Games are played with 3 outs and a 7 run mercy rule per inning. The Coach on the field (pitching) will be the umpire. No scores will be presented or posted by the Convener and no playoffs will take place at the conclusion of the season.