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Board of Directors

Name/Title Email
Dirk Drieberg
Morty Fergenbaum
VP of Baseball
Scott Wildman
VP of Softball
Michael Sheinfeld
Director of Baseball
Frank LaCaria
Director of Softball
Jim Reitan
Teresa Gomes
Director of Operations
Darryl Silverstein
Director of Special Events
Jorge Vargas
Director of Technology

Social Media

Name/Title Email
Social Media Manager

House League Conveners

Name/Title Email
TBall Convenor

Peter Budziak
Coach Pitch

Hiten Patel
Jr Rookie Convenor

Loren Siegal
Sr Rookie Convener

Enzo Romeo
Mosquito Convener

Mark Di Cristofaro
Peewee Convener

Joe Arbeed
Bantam Convener

Andrew Easdale
Jr/Sr Midget Convener

Lorenzo Censoni
5-Pitch Convener

Phil Meyer
Mite Convener

Cam Gugliemi
Squirt Convener

Robert Fiumara
Novice Convener

Amanda Marmorato
Bantam/Midget Convener

Amanda Marmorato

Rep Baseball Head Coaches 2019

DIVISION Name Cell Number Email Address
Minor Rookie Ball Peter Budziak 416-779-8565
Major Rookie Ball Evan DePiero 416-529-5492
Minor Mosquito 1 Darryl Silverstein 416-671-7890
Major Mosquito 1 Danny Carozza 647-464-2450 
Major Mosquito 2 Mike Genovese 647-502-9532
Minor Peewee 1 Octavio Cabral 416-566-7549 
Minor Peewee 2 Jim Reitan 416-845-8603
Minor Peewee 3 Mitch Kerzner 416-570-1497
Major Peewee 1 Alfonso Casciato 416-618-7330
Major Peewee 2 Nedel Rodriguez 416-419-8851
Major Peewee 3 Tressa Scorziello 647-270-9880
Minor Bantam 1 Roman Kula 416-706-4446
Minor Bantam 2 Sam Small 416 645 4652
Major Bantam 1 Mark Cotgrave 905-895-6881
Major Bantam 2 Rob Partipilo 416-526-1114
Minor Midget 1 Benny Gentile 647-924-3750
Major Midget 1 Jeff Winick 416-525-8024
Major Midget 2 Nick Karavas 416-347-9971
Junior Rep Victor Simon 416-564-6910
Senior Rep Morty Fergenbaum 647-889-5790

Select Baseball Head Coaches 2019

DIVISION Name Cell Number Email Address
Rookie Bryan Demsky 416-873-2012
Minor Mosquito 1 David Sansone 647-280-7289
Minor Mosquito 2 Alex Kakish 416-951-1506
Major Mosquito 1 Mark Di Cristofaro 416-333-2933
Major Mosquito 2 Jon Eckler 416-579-0614
Peewee 1 Rino Manzo 416-419-2391
Peewee 2 Igor Solesa 647-971-4771
Bantam Richard DiMarco 416-271-8217

Rep Girls Softball Head Coaches 2019


DIVISION Name Cell Number Email Address
Mite Rep Laura Laxon 416-795-6402
Squirt White Rep Russ Noble 416-272-0481
Squirt Blue Rep Jay Mishra 416-419-0729
Novice White Rep Krista Umerah 416-704-3183
Novice Blue Rep Tony Martins 416-419-6533
Bantam 2 Rep Dave Perry 647-404-7443
Midget 1 Rep Kevin Graham 416-414-9911
Midget 2 Rep Rosalie Naworynski 905-833-1909