For Tee Ball and Coach Pitch Divisions, the season starts the last week of May or the first week of June.  For all other Divisions, we like to start practices in the first week of May (weather and field conditions permitting). Regular season games will start after the long weekend.  Playoffs will run into the second or the third week of August.

The fields are all over Vaughan.  Check out the Park locations on our websites main page (top menu).  The field near your house may not be the appropriate “level” field for your child.  All our fields are assigned to specific Divisions based on the size of the field.


Our Boys and Girls baseball program starts at age four and goes to age twenty +.  If your child is turning four during the calendar year then he/she is eligible to play.  Our all Girls softball Division starts at age seven.

The player will receive a complete uniform (hat, jersey, pants and socks), a mid-season Tournament (excluding Tee Ball/Coach-Pitch), individual and team photo, insurance, entry to the season-end banquet, and a trophy (for the younger Divisions) or an award (for the older Divisions).

The player will need running/baseball shoes, baseball glove, water bottle and a baseball helmet.

Experience is not necessary.  In the younger Divisions, you will find about 6 to 10 children on each team with no experience.  In the middle Divisions, there will a be about 4 to 7 children with no experience on each team.  In the older Divisions, you will find about 1 to 3 children on each team with no experience.

We allow children to play up one year.  We do not allow children to play down outside of their age group.  If a parent desires to have their child play up two years or play down a Division then approval from the Director of House League Baseball/Softball will be required.  Please email our Office or the Director of House League Baseball/Softball with this request.


The Director of Baseball and/or Softball and your child’s convener create the practice/game schedule.  Both are available as the season starts through the Team Snap App.

Coach-Pitch is a new and exciting division for 2019. It is the age group between T-Ball and Jr. Rookie. This division has been introduced to help with the evolution and development of helping players hit a thrown/pitched ball. Coaches will stand 15-20 paces from home plate and will gently throw the ball (much in the way of throwing a dart at a dartboard). Each player will get 5 good pitches thrown. For the first month of the season, if a player needs the aid of a Tee after the 5 pitches, the league encourages that. After the first month, no tee will be available. Games are played with 3 outs and a 7 run mercy rule per inning. The Coach on the field (pitching) will be the umpire. No scores will be presented or posted by the Convener and no playoffs will take place at the conclusion of the season.

Each September we have open tryouts for all Rep and Select teams.  Times and locations are posted on our website in late August.

Practices usually run anywhere from 1-2 hours and games are usually 2-2.5 hours

All registration are now online.  Register from your computer or smartphone directly on our website.

Don’t give up, let them get used to their new friends and new experiences. Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds after April 1.

We strive for 12 children per team with the older Divisions going up to 14 children per team.

Our Policy is that we guarantee one reciprocating request, after that we consider all other requests keeping in mind that we do our best to balance all teams.


Division Age Practice Day with approx. # of teams in parentheses Game Day Frequency/week
Coed  Baseball Jr. Tee Ball 4 & 5 Alternating Monday (8) or Saturday (6) Alternating Monday or Saturday once
Sr. Tee Ball 6 Tuesday (4) or Saturday (2) or Sunday (1) Thursday twice
Coach Pitch 7 Tuesday (4) or Saturday (2) or Sunday (1) Thursday twice
Jr. Rookie Ball 8 Thursday (8) or Saturday (4) or Sunday (2) Tuesday twice
Sr. Rookie Ball 9 Wednesday (8) or Saturday (3) or Sunday (1) Monday twice
Mosquito 10 & 11 Tuesday (13) or Saturday (5) or Sunday (2) Thursday twice
Pee Wee 12 & 13 Wednesday (10) or Saturday (4) or Sunday (1) Monday twice
Bantam 14 & 15 Monday (10) or Saturday (2) Wednesday twice
Jr. Midget 16 & 17 Thursday (6) Tuesday twice
Sr. Midget 18, 19 & 20+ Thursday (4) Tuesday twice
Girls  Softball 5-Pitch 7 & 8 Wednesday (4) Monday twice
Mite 9 & 10 Monday (5) Wednesday twice
Squirt 11 & 12 Monday (6) Wednesday twice
Novice 13 & 14 Thursday (4) Tuesday twice
Bantam 15 & 16 Tuesday (4) Thursday twice
Midget  17, 18 & 19 Tuesday (2) Thursday twice


Our House League Coaches are parent or community volunteers who receive training at the start of the year and have support throughout the season.  Rep/Select Head & Assistant coaches are required to complete NCCP training sessions, prior to the season in order to be certified as a Coach. VSS (Vulnerable Sector Screening) are also completed through a local Police Association in order to be registered as a Rep/Select coach through the CVBA/CBSA

National Sports, which just happens to be one of our main sponsors, has the best selection of baseball equipment and apparel.  Throughout the year the league provides all our member’s email coupons, usually 10-20% off, for “shopping weekends” at National Sports.  Alternatively, equipment can be also be found at Canadian Tire.


We are either proactive and cancel games/practices or the City cancels the permits.  Either way, you will be notified by email of any cancellations.  Alternatively, the cancellation will be posted on the main page of our website.  Please check prior to leaving for the ballpark.

We need to ensure that we are doing our best to have all games completed by curfew time.  The early slot for games will start at 6:30 pm SHARP.  For practices, we may have two teams using the same field.  We need to ensure both teams have equal time; thus, one team will start at 6:00 PM with the other team starting at 7:15 PM.

Through your profile on Team Snap. For more assistance contact the office

We do offer refunds, less a $50 Administrative fee, for all requests for refund that we receive, by email, prior to April 1.

Baseball uses a 9” circumference ball.  The younger Divisions of Softball uses an 11” ball with the older Divisions using a 12” ball.  In baseball, the pitcher throws overhand from an elevated mound, which is further away from the plate than in softball.  In softball, the pitcher throws underhand from a flat surface. The bases are further away in baseball than in softball.  The barrel of the bat in baseball is more conical where the barrel in a softball bat is cylindrical.  The baseball bat is typically shorter than the softball bat and it has less of a weight drop.  Baseball bats have a weight drop of -3 where a softball bat can have a weight drop from -8 to -11.

Our League does not allow boys to play softball.  Girls can play either baseball or softball.

Currently, we sell Rawlings Batting Helmets directly to our members at a discount. Other equipment should be purchased through National Sports or Canadian Tire.

That would be because you registered after the expiration of our early bird registration fee.

Yes, the League offers up to three $1,500 scholarships each year to players or umpires continuing studies at a post-secondary institution.

Due to having many player registrations from one side compared to the number of fields available on that side and the number of teams.  Occasionally we will need to balance the teams in order to create balance in the Division.  We always do our best to keep you closer to home.

We do not issue a credit back for any games/practices missed.

There are three altogether. One head coach and two assistant coaches per team.  We do encourage more parents to step forward and help as scorekeepers, bench assistants, statisticians, etc.

Absolutely. Please inform the league during the registration process so we can adequately provide the support and assistance required to your family.

There should be portable toilets at each field.  In addition, some fields are located at Community Centers and some fields such as Vaughan Grove and Tudor Park have permanent structures, which house washrooms.

If a field is free, go ahead and use it.

We do not exchange socks or jerseys.  Each Division will get the same size sock.  Jersey numbers go from 1 to 15 or 17 (depending on the Division).  They are sized specifically for that age group.  The lower numbers are the smallest sizes, while the higher numbers being larger sizes.   If you need to exchange the jersey, ask a teammate for a trade.

We do have a limited number of hats that could be exchanged.  You can come to our Office, as long as the hat was not worn, for an exchange.

We do stock pants for exchanges.  As long as the pants have not been worn, you may exchange the pants at our Office.

We do not issue a credit back due to injury unless the injury is season ending which occurs prior to midseason.

We are located in the lower level of the Maple Community Centre, which is located at 10190 Keele Street, Maple, Ontario.  Our Office phone number is 905-832-9659.  Our email address is  Our Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM.  Wednesday from 9 AM to Noon and again from 7 PM to 10 PM.  Saturday from 9 AM to Noon.

The City of Vaughan Baseball and Softball Association is one of the largest sports Associations in Canada.  We provide baseball and softball for the youth of the City of Vaughan aged 4 to 20+.  We have between 1800 – 2000 players involved in three levels of play: House League, Select and Representative (Rep).  The Association was founded in 2001 as a result of the merger of two separate organizations, the Maple Minor Baseball Association and the Woodbridge Knights Baseball Club. Both organizations had a long history in their respective communities.  In 2006, the Association expanded to include girls only softball.  The mission of the Association is to enhance the quality of baseball and softball for the youth of the City of Vaughan while stressing the values of sportsmanship, athleticism, teamwork, fair play and fun.  This is the framework of how the CVBA/CVSA operates.  We strive to be an integral part of the City of Vaughan to provide history and tradition for our community.


Ask the Coach for some time to discuss your child.  Do not be argumentative.  State your case and provide viable solutions.  Give the coach some time (a day or two) to think about what was discussed.  If you are not satisfied with the coach’s decision, or if nothing has changed, please contact your convener or the Director of Baseball or Softball.


We do not offer refunds for purchased Banquet tickets.  Try selling your ticket(s) to other parents on the team.  Perhaps a grandparent would want to attend.


President, VP of Baseball, VP of Softball, Director of Baseball, Director of Softball, Treasurer, Director of Operations, Director of Special Events, Director of Technology.


Once registered you will get confirmation of registration from Team Snap within seconds.  Then, within a week from the start of the season, the coach of your child’s team will contact you and provide information such as start time and where to go for the first practice.

We accept Umpires who are older than 14 or will be turning 14 in the current year.   We run a Level 1 and Level 2 Baseball Clinic and a Junior Development and Intermediate Softball Clinic each spring in our Office.  We post information about the Clinics on our website.  The Clinics are also posted on the Baseball Ontario and Softball Ontario websites under Umpires.   Contact our Office for more information.

Do not argue or verbally abuse the umpire(s).  You have to remember that Umpires are young men/ladies that are doing their best.  They will make mistakes; even professionals miss calls.  Please remember that this is another parents’ son/daughter out there.  Show them the respect that you would want other parents to treat your child.


Before you call (905-832-9659) or email our office (, check to make sure your web browser is either Firefox or Google Chrome.  Issues with payments are because the browser you are using does not have the higher security settings that Firefox and Google Chrome have.

Contact your Convener to discuss, who can then escalate to the Director of Baseball or Softball should it be required.

Yes, we are always looking for community members to get involved. Please inquire with the Office for opportunities

Fill out a sponsorship form which can be found online under the INFO then PARTNERS heading on our website.  Sponsorship starts as low as $500 for your logo on one House League team jersey and goes up to $5,000 for your logo on all House League jerseys.

Contact our Office right away.  We will help correct the error.

Contact your coach as all awards and photos are given to the coach to take home to distribute to the missing player/parents.  After some time where the coach is not successful in contacting a player/parent, the coach would then return the items to our Office.

Contact emails for our Executive members, House League Conveners and Rep/Select Coaches are found on our website under the CONTACT US tab.

Your child will need to have a complete uniform and shoes, glove and helmet to play.  We do sell hats and pants at our Office.

After returning to the park and not finding your lost article, you should first call your coach.  If he/she does not have it then please contact the Office.  Some pieces do end up at the Office.

Always. Community involvement on all levels, including sponsorship, is always welcome. Please contact the Office to inquire.

You should first contact your coach.  If he/she does not have it then please contact the Office.


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